Артикул: 0209B4826P001
Наименование: PV AUX SW-ELECTRO SW
Производитель: General Electric

 SPECIFICATIONS / Спецификация
Category: Powervac - VB
Frame Type: POWERVAC
Model/Type: VB-1 1,2,3 & PVDB
UPC: 0
Legacy GO Code: 232SS

Description / Описание

PowerVac® metalclad switchgear combines the advantages of metalclad contruction-flexibility and economy-with the benefits of vacuum interrupters-reliability, low maintenance, and reduced Breaker size and weight.
PowerVac® switchgear is designed for applications on 5-kV, 7.2-kV, and 15-kV power systems with available short-circuit capacities from 250 through 1000 MVA nominal.

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